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A New Future is born

Interview with CEO of Epsilon Flow: Moataz Bin Loqman

Weekly Streamcast August 19th 2073


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EPSILON FLOW: New horizons and new frontiers! With the discovery of the new asteroid Vesta Prima, 180,000 new jobs were created for nickel and carbon mining. Doors open for joining the 11-year venture.

AGRILLEON CORP: Printing accuracy was enhanced to 98% with the all new Actua Printer XR-12. Agrilleon promises even better performance in the coming patch.

VI46 INDUSTRIES: Vi-46’s 2045 acquisition of promising medical start-up Fouadi Labs is finally bearing fruit. The founder, ex-CEO, and now lead researcher Yasmine Masry claims Huntington’s disease has finally been conquered, with treatments ready for mass production.

THIS DAY in history

At the start of the century, when plans were being made to relocate the Indonesian capital, no one would have seen the changes that Epsilon Flow would bring to Jakarta. Instead of moving the sinking city, a huge renewal project was undertaken by the Corporation to lift the city up and redirect some of the more problematic rivers into one focused river system. While at first it was a more colloquial term, on this day in 2055, Jakarta officially became known as Ciraya (Big River in Bahasa) to celebrate the transformation and improvement of every citizens lives.

The Determination of the Religious Few

When we first heard of a rising spiritual resistance group five years ago, it was just the cry of a handful of the older generation lamenting for their ways that were lost to technology. Yesterday, 20,000 youths gathered condemning oppression in the metaverse and demanding personal freedoms. While there was no show of violence, anti-development riots have in the past caused wanton destruction of our important technological centers.

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