A New Future is born

Interview with CEO of Epsilon Flow: Moataz Bin Loqman

By Sharnaz, 23rd March 2087
It’s only been a few decades, but so much has changed that some of you may not be old enough to remember. Devices used to have lifetimes of merely a few years. People used to power their lives at the cost of their health, polluting their homes to create energy. Whole villages could be swept up by a flood without a trace, risking existence for the chance of food. These are issues we no longer deal with, and we have Epsilon Flow to thank for that. Epsilon Flow has changed our lives dramatically, leading the world in everything technology. Today we sit down with the esteemed Moataz Bin Loqman, CEO of Epsilon Flow, and inventor of the innovative Neural Key.
SHARNAZ: Thank you for joining us, Ostath Moataz Bin Loqman. It is a great pleasure. I have many questions I am eager to ask, as are many of our guests.
MOATAZ: Thank you for having me. Please, ask away.
SHARNAZ: Ostath Moataz, your latest invention, the Neural Key, has become the latest must-have luxury item, connecting people’s thoughts to their devices. How did you manage to break the barrier between mind and machine?
MOATAZ: You see, I’m a genius sloth. All my engineering efforts are driven by a deep desire to empower my laziness. I wanted a seamless connection with our surroundings, to bypass the need to interact with settings and keep our lives immersive.
SHARNAZ: That’s all it took? A drive for laziness?
MOATAZ: That, and a childhood yearning for telekinesis. I’ve always dreamed of moving things with my hand and mind. I knew I could make it a reality, so I wacked a few things together, pushed the boundaries of modern neuroscience, and before I knew it, I had my eureka moment.
SHARNAZ: A feat of engineering for the history books. Who knew that laziness could be such a game changer?
MOATAZ: In the name of laziness, I never stop working.
SHARNAZ: Such a… noble drive. I wanted to ask, you were among the engineers who worked directly under Ostath Shafiq Bitar, the founder of Epsilon Flow. Tell us how you got to work alongside one of the greats, and how did it feel?
MOATAZ: It’s a funny story, actually. Back then, he hosted a Q&A at an online open-source tech forum. I asked him a few hypothetical questions, and the debate became heated - so heated, in fact, that he invited me to his workshop, each of us determined to demonstrate in person how the other was wrong. He was hot-headed, and I was an eager graduate. We spent the afternoon working on prototypes, and it was then that I knew that I had much to learn. We bonded through cutthroat disagreement, but he became my mentor. With deep respect for the other’s true engineering spirit, our relationship flourished, and we both became greater for it.
SHARNAZ: That is such a blessing. People who have met Ostath Bitar say that you have that same spark in your eyes. Care to comment?
MOATAZ: I carry the torch Shafiq gifted us. In its darkest need, Shafiq changed society inside-out, guided by a noble mission for excellence. It is a great responsibility to bear.
"In its darkest need, Shafiq changed society inside-out, guided by a noble mission for excellence."
SHARNAZ: And for that, we are all lucky and grateful to have you at the helm of Epsilon Flow, Ostath Moataz. Speaking of the helm, there are many EVA Labs teasers out there leaving us all in anticipation. Would you share with the viewers what you guys have in mind?
MOATAZ: I’m afraid I can’t disclose that. But, what I can say is that something big is coming. You are right to be waiting in anticipation. The whole world is about to level up.
SHARNAZ: Now, I wish I hadn’t asked you at all; you have me - and I’m sure all of our viewers as well - psyched.
MOATAZ: We’ll talk again, after the grand reveal.
SHARNAZ: Thank you, Ostath Moataz, it was an honour meeting you in person, and I look forward to our next chat.
MOATAZ: The pleasure is mine, Sharnaz. Until next time.